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Aptitude tests can be divided into general and mental ability or intelligence tests and specific aptitude tests such as mechanical aptitude tests, clerical aptitude tests, etc. Proficiency tests seek to measure the skill and abilities which the candidate already possesses at the time of testing. Application blanks are frequently used as selection devices. It brings out deficiencies, not as a basis of rejection but as a positive aid to selective placement and as indicating restrictions on his transfer to other positions. The use of references is common in most selection procedures, for it involves only a little time and money, and minimum of effort. The selection process may differ according to the types of jobs. The difficulties with using references as guides in the selection of job applicants are many. The whole exercise might be called a rejection exercise but it has a positive outcome in terms of the appropriate personnel selected. A true understand­ing between the line manager and the HR manager facilitates good selection. The blank provides preliminary information as well as aid in the interview by indicating areas of interest and discussion. The importance of the interview in the selection process is given below: (i) An interviewer draws out the relevant information since it provides a valid sample of the applicant’s behaviour. – Employers conduct interview generally with a panel consisting of tal­ented and skilful interviewers from the company. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. These days application forms of almost all organizations can be down­loaded from the website or may even be provided on request. The PPMPS includes only four HRM policies: involvement; training, development and education; work conditions; and compensation and rewards. A typical selection programme tries to fit applicants to particular jobs, i.e., match jobs and people. Judgement tests seek to evaluate the candidate’s ability to apply knowledge judiciously in solving a problem. Apart from this, a written contract of employment is framed in which the following information is provided: It is the first step after the receipt and scrutiny of the application forms in the selection process. (iv) It places properly those people who are otherwise employable but whose physical handicaps may necessitate assignment only to specific jobs. The information sought in application blank should be relevant to the objective of selection. Achievement tests are mostly available for technicians, administrative personnel, carpenters, etc. Certain jobs require unusual stamina, strength or tolerance of hard-working conditions. Detailed job description and job specification are provided in the advertisement for the job. There is a difference between practical knowledge test and dexterity test. Rate each job duty based on its importance to job success and on the time required to perform it compared to other tasks. This is a final step. Still other critics, including the U.S. Congress, argue that testing constitutes an unwelcome and unwarranted invasion of privacy. In other words, the test that measures the learning capacity of a candidate is called aptitude test. Working hours may be so adjusted as to make it possible for housewives/ young girls to get employment. Selection Process in HRM – 7 Steps Involved in the Selection Process: Preliminary Interview, Screening of Applicants, Employment Tests, Selection Interview and a Few Others. Selection and Selection Process. This is a highly arbitrary method having only a chance validity. After all this, appointment letter is formally given to the candidate. Many organisations obtain mediclaim and /or insurance policies for prospective employees which provide assurance to employees regarding their health. Selection Process in HRM – 7 Steps Involved in the Selection Process: , Screening of Applicants, Employment Tests, Selection Interview and a Few Others, Designing and Conducting Effective Interviews. Find list of company HR Practices Sample such as Leave, Promotion, Travel, Transfer, Medical Policy and more Template in ready to use ppt and pdf format … names of two or more people who can certify credentials by way of the suitability of the candidate to the announced position. The types of psychological tests are aptitude test, intelligence test, synthetic test and personality test. During the course of the interview, candidates are asked questions related to their education, experience, taste, age, etc. For example, if a junior lecturer applies for the job of a senior lecturer in Economics, he may be tested in job knowledge where he is asked questions about microeconomics, macroeconomics, central bank, etc. As the final list of candidates becomes ready after the scrutiny of applications, the written test is conducted. This is a sorting process in which prospective applicants are given the necessary information about the nature of the job and also, necessary information is elicited from the candidates about their education, experience, skill, salary expected, etc. 7. The HR department may immediately send appointment letter to the selected person or after some time as the time sche­dule says. Educational Attainment- Education (subjects offered and grades secured), training acquired in special fields and knowledge gained from professional/technical institutes or evening classes or through correspondence courses. Preliminary Interview 2. III. Thus, application blanks are quite effective in the selection process. A costly and time – consuming approach is the field investigation in which references are interviewed in person. The procedure places reliance on the evaluation of former employers, friends and professional personnel. In these tests, the candidate is asked either to cope with the situation or to solve critical situations of the job. These tests aim at measuring the effect of the candidates’ personality on work performance. These tests inform about the conduct and efficiency of the candidate. (b) Filling Up the Blank Application Form: Blank application forms are the printed forms of the organisation. A healthy employee is in the interest of the organization, as sickness, leave and benefits could be costly and counterproductive. iv. Aptitude tests can be used to screen out the applicants. Various tests that are conducted to judge the intelligence and aptitude of the candidates are as follows: vi. (d) Obtain as much information from him as possible about his eco­nomic, social and cultural background. The whole exercise might be called a rejection exercise but it has a positive outcome in terms of the appropriate personnel selected. They may follow-up the panel discussion with interview for some good candidates. All job applicants, regardless of race, religion, sex, or national origin, must be given equal opportunities for employment. An application blank is a traditional, widely accepted device for getting information from a prospective applicant which will enable a management to make a proper selection. (viii) Length of notice due to and from the employee. VI. A typical inventory contains a large number of items, utilises a multiple-choice format exclusively, and deals with those matters that are normally not covered in an application blank. i. For example, a candidate is tested by measuring the typing speed on a computer or typewriter. Mostly there are two types of interviews in a selection process: (i) Preliminary Interview – In it candidate is physically and mentally examined. Finding the interested candidates who have submitted their profiles for a particular job is the process of recruitment, and choosing the best and most suitable candidates among them is the process of selection. Some observers watch how the candidates interact with each other reflecting qualities of leadership, communication, persuasion, etc. Blank Application 3. A candidate is often approved within a few minutes and without having really been examined by a qualified physician. Organizations must conduct a periodic audit by people who work independently of the HR department. The selection process begins once interested candidates send their CVs & apply for a job. Kenexa BrassRing is a web-based application and will work with all common browsers. (ii) To verify the accuracy of information given on the application blank. and there are some others where people with particular problems cannot be employed (for example, a person with breathing problem cannot work in a sawdust mill). For instance, a person who does not understand the sufferings of the others, cannot become a good doctor. In some organisations, the procedure for the physical examination and selection is a farce. Checking Reference and Medical examination. As a result, applicant gets maximum job satisfaction and he plays significant role in the success of the organisation. Step 5 – Appoint the interview panel and conduct interviews. 2 Group Members 3. Finally, there should be an assessment of the selection process followed by the organization. Other Items- Names and addresses of previous employers, references, etc. When a new employee reports to duty, he will be new to the organization and to its policies, rules and existing employees also. Each individual is unique and therefore, each interview should be tailored to tap that ‘uniqueness’ and relate the data to the job competency requirements. Information is generally called on the following items: I. Biographical Data- Name, father’s name, date and place of birth, age, sex, nationality, height, weight, identification marks, physical disability, if any, marital status, and number of dependents. Purpose of an employment interview is to find out the suitability of the candidate and to give him an idea about the work profile and what is expected of the potential employee. First, attempts should be made to analyse the programme with a view to determining as to whether it is in line with sound personnel management theory and practice. Only those who are found suitable may be invited to face another hurdle that is interviews. These informations relate to the character, social relations, background, etc. This process is useful when the number of applicants is large. Such items deal with experiences in early life, hobbies, social relations, values and opinions, etc. The value of tests should not be discounted, since they are objective and offer a broader sampling of behaviour. These tests are useful to select semi­skilled workers and workers for repetitive operations like packing, watch assembly, quality inspection, etc. Aptitude test – Aptitude is the ability to do something or a natural tendency. There are mainly two types of aptitude tests. This step could be a good parameter to judge the overall personality of the potential candidate. It is the process of opting within the scores of job seekers with necessary qualification as well as competence to fill the position in the organization. These traits in an individual provide the manager with an overall picture of his personality. A weighted application form should be established and used with a caution. Therefore, there is a necessity of introduction of an employee to the organization which is technically called Induction. A suitable job is allocated to the appointed candidate so that they can get the whole idea about the nature of the job. It is the process of picking individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill jobs in an organization. 5. Not only is such discrimination unethical and immoral, but it is also illegal. The candidate, having cleared the preliminary interview, has to take up some pre- employment tests. Few of the selection process could be applied within the organization as a part of promoting and transferring. To the extent that the employer lacks the ability to communicate in this fashion, the accuracy of the recommendation is going to suffer. Selection is a long and tedious process. Further his/her regularity at work and his character can also be inquired about from other references. Objective of psychological tests is to examine the mental ability, interest in work, maturity, etc. Requesting references in the application blanks is a common practice that places reliance upon the evaluation of former employers, friends and professional acquaintances. “Reasons for leaving last job” may tell something about an applicant’s aspirations and truthfulness as well as about factors beyond an individual’s control, e.g. Step 4 – Create benchmark answers and a rating scale for each – An ideal answer may be given the rating of 5 on a 5 point scale whereas, an average answer 3 marks and a poor one just 0 mark. Departmental manager converses face to face with the candidate on the basis of nature of work and having satisfied himself, declares the latter successful in the interview. Generally the medical examination is both general and thorough. An application blank is a brief history sheet of an employee’s background and can be used for future reference whenever needed. Suppose, if academic achievement is markedly associated with success in executive jobs, it is assigned a relatively high weight. They may follow-up the panel discussion with interview for some good candidates. (e) Give facts about the policies, procedures, culture of the company so that he feels good about joining it. Salary and Benefits- Present and expected. Before uploading and sharing your knowledge on this site, please read the following pages: 1. These tests evaluate a candidate in a similar real life situation. Better productivity by following principles of recruitment policy. Therefore, some people raise an ethical issue as to what right do the organizations have to seek that information. Qualified doctors conduct the medical examination, interpret the findings and transmit them to the employment office. These forms are accordingly screened or studied by matching the skills / qualifications of the candidate vis-a-vis the requirements of the vacant job. The HR manager has to make the final decision of hiring or rejecting an applicant on the basis of his interview, tests and reference checks. In this situation, the person giving the reference is forced to choose the one item in each of a number of pairs of items that best describes the former employee. Large organizations have their own medical clinics while the small organizations refer to private clinics. It has been answered in recruitment policy PDF This technique is helpful in observing and judging how well the candidates can think, analyse problems, substantiate arguments, find solutions, cogently reason and take decisions. Selection process has several steps which are as follows: 1. They include instability of residence, failure in business within two years, divorce or separation within two years, excessive personal indebtedness, too high a standard of living and unexplained gaps in the employment record. Although two or more persons may have equal specialization in a given field, yet there may be difference in their personality, intelligence, conduct, taste, etc. Selection Process in HRM – 8 Steps Involved in Employee Selection Process, Selection Process in HRM – 10 Steps in Selection Procedure, Selection Process in HRM – 7 Steps of Selection Process Suggested by Yoder et al, Selection Process in HRM – 7 Steps Involved in the Selection Process: Preliminary Interview, Screening of Applicants, Employment Tests, Selection Interview and a Few Others. Interviewing is probably the oldest method of selection. Steps Involved in the Selection Process (Adopted by Large Organisations): Selection Process According to the Types of Jobs (Top 8 Steps), Steps Involved in the Selection Process (Adopted by Large Organisations), Stages in Selection Process (Selecting the Right Candidate). Such interviews are usually short and may be conducted at a desk, across a counter or railing and they are known as stand-up interviews. For instance, asking a candidate for the job of computer operator to operate the computer. HR policy and CBA-management bargaining outcomes. Make best use of Employment policy. These are two types of tests –. The rating method involves rating of jobs demanding “heavy lifting”, “moderate lifting”, “light lifting”, etc. Or jobs may be provided for the blind, the infirm or other handicapped persons. (iv) Information Regarding Community Activities detailing extra-curricular activities, hobbies and positions held in organizations and associations apart from the employing organization, membership of clubs, sports and any other pertinent information supporting a candidate’s suitability for a post. The appointment letter specifies the post, title, salary and terms of employment. It serves to ascertain the applicant’s physical capabilities to perform the job. Almost every organization maintains a proper record of applications received in their employment office. The candidate, in this test, is supplied with actual letters, telephone and telegraphic message, reports and requirements by various officers of the organization. Final Approval 9. The enquiries should be as specific and precise as possible. This is done with a view to limit the costs of selection by letting only suitable candidates go through the further stages in selection. Third, attempts should be made to ascertain how adequately the programme has been implemented. Right fit with the organisation culture. Superfluous questions should be avoided. These tests check a person’s motivational level, emotions, integrity, sympathy, sensitivity etc. Disclaimer 8. 3 Topic: Selection 4. Contract of employment is a written agreement specifying terms and conditions under which a person agrees to perform certain duties as directed and controlled by an employer in return for an agreed upon wage or salary. (c) General examination, including an examination of the skin, musculature and joints. The purpose of employment interview is three-fold- obtaining information, giving information, and motivation. Personality tests have disadvantage in the sense that they can be faked by sophisticated candidates and most candidates give socially acceptable answers. Intelligence test – Intelligence tests aim at testing the candidate’s reception power, memory power, reasoning power, etc. At this step, the candidate is given the appointment letter to join the organization on a particular date. Reluctance on the part of the employer to portray the unfavourable aspects of those he is asked to recommend is the most serious obstacle of all. In small organisations, it is brief but in large organisations it is extensive. Similarly, with work experience, a mechanical screening can determine basic cut – offs like the specific period of work, but the type of work – relevance, level, variety and richness are factors where some degree of judgement will be needed.

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