wade saddle pattern

The western industry's dressage saddle. The dropped in-skirt flat plate rigging keeps the bulk away from the fenders and jockeys while maintaining the strength you want in a roping saddle (7/8 position). Bars Seat Size: 15",15 1/2", 16" Horn: 4" Post Swell: 9" Cantle: 4" Rigging: Flat Plate with Brass Hardware Skirts: Artificial Wool Lining Cinch: 27 Strand Mohair Stirrups: 3" Bell Rawhide Covered Pattern: Waffle Border Finish: Oiled and polished Pecan One heavy coat is applied, the oil is heated to help penetrate the leather. Natural horsemanship is at the core of a Wade saddle's philosophy, and they are built to be easy on both the rider and the horse. We believe proper fit and the way the saddle positions you is the most important elements in choosing a saddle. The gullets are wider and the bar angles are changed allowing the tree to fit down and around the horse. Tree: McCall Custom Wade Gullet: 7.5" High Modified QH (QH and Full QH Available) Swell: 8" Horn: Wood Post 3" High x 4" Finished Cantle: 4" x 12" Standard Riggin': 7/8 Inskirt Stirrups: 3" Rawhide Bell The Inlay seat is an additional cost. Thanks Michelle! The saddle is very comfortable and weighs in at less than 25 pounds. It comes in your choice of colors from light to dark. 3300 W. 71st Ave Westminster, CO 80030. The seat is hard but its fitted shape makes it comfortable. After using his pattern to shape the bottom of the bars, he sands a smooth finish making sure there aren't any bumps. Item # 771 : Custom saddle #736 $6,200.00 Buy! You can have the saddle tooled in whatever pattern you can dream up. These saddles are made to handle stress placed on a horse and saddle when roping cattle of all sizes, and for comfort for both horse and rider during long hours of riding in rough ranch country. Tree: Cliff Wade Rawhide Covered Q.H. Dec 14, 2015 - Michelle asked only that we not use daffodils on her saddle. 16″ seat with 4 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ cantle. All Circle G Saddles are hand made in the USA with the finest quality leather available. ... Ramos Ranch Wade by Keith Valley Custom Made Wade Saddle Stainless Steel hardware ... Also hand painting the background around the flower pattern gives a striking eye appeal, it takes longer, but well worth the time and patience invested. “Wade bars” can be used with other fork styles and other named bar types can be used under Wade forks. Floral carved in Rose pattern with basket stamp on skirts, gullet, and billets. The most common tree styles we offer are: Great Basin Wade 3-B Visalia A-fork Weatherly Rimrock (swell fork) Porter 37 Terrance designed and developed the Great Basin Wade. Bronze rig plates and Dees by Jeremiah Watt. Like all other Western saddles, wade saddles do not have any built-in padding. Leather Carving Leather Tooling Wade Saddles Cowboy Gear Horse Gear Mens Fashion Ranch Cow Boys Stamping. (click on images to enlarge) Optional matching New Style breast collar and buck rolls Oiling the saddle can takes a couple days to finish. I love it! making the tree is the hardest part to make. Price $3350. Next contact us about an order like this saddle. This saddle is built on a custom Wade tree by Bill Bean. Then another coat or two to even the color out. BETHEL SADDLERY Wade with 15 1/2 inch seat. Bars The seat is a 161/4". This versatile Wade tree saddle by Billy Cook features a butterfly skirt and dropped rigging for closer contact and added flexibility - something you don't see often in a ranch saddle. A true Wade saddle is going to be a handmade saddle, either from a production shop like McCall Saddle Company of Vernal, Utah or from an independent custom saddle maker. Wade Saddles Horse Tack Saddle Bags Pattern Saddles Sling Bags Patterns Model Pattern Print. This is a first class WADE saddle made on high quality imported leather. Double ply , so all surfaces have high grade finished surface, hand carved. The emphasis here is the time and physical labor that is saved and the value of the saddle making instructions. Medium Oil. Double ply , so all surfaces have high grade finished surface, hand carved. I use this saddle for leisure, for walks in the forest and in the plain. Wade saddle completed for Warren Monroe of Bellingham, WA. Wade saddle 16" seat, Wood Post horn 4" finished cap by 31/4" high, 41/2" straight up cantle. CSW 403A Corriente Wade Saddle. Built on a Warren Wright rawhide covered saddle tree on a bar pattern that we have found to fit most horses people use today. With unlimited options in how the skirts and padded seats are made, what more could you ask for. So, let’s make your Wade saddle. They are meant to be used with a blanket or some sort of protective cushion between the saddle itself, and the back of a horse. Saddle making schools costs thousands of dollars.The Wade kit in the picture took 16 hours for a trained saddle maker, with a sewing machine, to build which included basket stamping it.This was a savings of about 20-25 hours of labor. DW Dixon Saddles are custom handmade saddles by David Dixon.

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