armstrong clan curse

The curse was first uttered by the Archbishop of Glasgow, Gavin Dunbar, in 1525, and was aimed at the various families that made up the infamous Border Reivers, who ravaged and terrorised the English and the Scottish sides of the borders. The Armstrong's were a fearsome warring Clan from Liddesdale and the debatable lands on the borders of Scotland and England. He headed south from Edinburgh with a massive army and sent a letter to Armstrong to meet him at Caerlanrig Chapel. Clan Armstrong is a Lowland Scottish clan of the Scottish Borders. This project has two main objectives: the first is to unite as many Armstrong families as possible by breaking down genealogical 'brick walls'. * Armstrong Fairbairn (Fairy Bear-Fair Beorn) * Cowie of Goranberry Gorrenberry * JAMIE TELFER ..FAIR DODHEAD *Archbishop 1525 Armstrong-Elwald Curse *Armstrong Fairbairn part 2 *Helen Kid’s Curse *Hobbie Noble *Jock O’ The Syde *Johnie Armstrong *Johnnie Armstrong *JOHNNY ARMSTRONGs last Goodnight: *Little Jock Elliot *Lock the door Lariston The bold Johnnie turned up dressed to the nines with perhaps 30 or 40 of his men also attired in their best. The Ballad of Johnnie Armstrong tells the story of how, in 1529, James V asked Johnnie Armstrong of Gilnockie to join him at … The clan reached is zenith in the early 16th century when its power was unrivalled. Some of the famous Armstrong reiving names are Johnnie Armstrong, Kinmont Willie Armstrong, Sim the Laird, Ill Will Armstrong and Sandie his son, Dick of Dryhope, Jock of the Side. In 1525 the Archbishop of Glasgow, Gavin Dunbar issued a curse over the Border Reivers and all their descendants. The curse was so vile that it has been known as the ‘mother of all curses’. The Armstrong Clan was such a powerful force in the borders that King James V of Scotland saw them as a threat to his own authority. This cursing was read in every pulpit and at every mercat post within the Borderlands. Armstrong Clan History: The Armstrong surname is assumed from a personal attribute " strength of arm. Bell: English and Scottish. 2) Provide for the preservation of Armstrong artifacts unique to the family and to maintain a library. The curse seems to have worked because in 1530, James V decided to stop Armstrong once and for all. Breaking the Curse. Complete genealogy of the Armstrong family, 1740-1920 by Armstrong, George W., 1851-Publication date 1920 Topics Armstrong family, genealogy Publisher Lisbon, Ohio : [s.n.] The Armstrongs were the most feared riding clan on the frontier. By 1528 they could put 3000 men into the saddle. Collection allen_county; americana Digitizing sponsor Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center Contributor The Clan Armstrong Crest which all members are entitled to wear, is from the crest on top of the Clan Armstrong Chief’s “Coat of Arms”. The clan does not currently have a chief recognised by the Lord Lyon King of Arms and therefore it is considered an Armigerous clan. 3) Serve as a genealogical and historical recorder of the membership, The Armstrong Clan Society has been organized to: 1) Seek friendship and unity among Armstrongs and associated families. If your surname is Armstrong, Maxwell, Johnston, Graham, Bell, Scott, Nixon, Kerr, Crozier or Robson then your family history, just like the astronaut Neil Armstrong’s, may very well be intertwined with the Border Reivers. The complete Armstrong Coat of Arms is displayed only by the Clan Chief and passes down directly to his eldest son and heir. Clan Armstrong; Clann Mac Ghillielàidir: Crest: An arm from the shoulder, armed, Proper.

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