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Otherwise you will need to “burp” the keg by releasing CO2 pressure with the pressure relief valve periodically. Lubricating the o-rings will help to make them last longer, but eventually they will become brittle and have to be replaced. 5 gallon Cornelius kegs and other kegging supplies are for sale online at Adventures in Homebrewing. 3. (Usually markings on the side of your keg that will help you identify which type of keg you have. There are different posts for different kegs; Cornelius, Firestone Challenger, Super Challenger, etc. The silicone tubing is sized for 5-gallon kegs, but you can cut it shorter to use on 1.5 or 2.5-gallon kegs. There have been times that I have had to grab the base with pliers, twist and pull up at the same time. To do this, attach your gas-in hose and pin-lock or ball-lock connection and pressurize the keg. Coca-Cola uses pin lock kegs, which are less common and typically less desirable since they do not have a pressure relief valve on the lid of the keg. This pin lock to ball lock conversion kit allows you to convert USA manufactured Firestone Challenger V, Challenger VI or Super Challenger pin lock keg to ball lock fittings. These keg spears have been designed for commercial use and will use larger and high flow rate commercial keg. Kegerator Homebrew Conversion Kit. Some can be 30 years old. The two systems are incompatible, yet very similar. But before you can pass out any drinks, you must tap the keg. 5L Keg With Ball Lock Spear $149 Perfect to add to an existing 19L ball lock keg kit (or pin lock keg) Use ball lock disconnects to daisy chain with your other kegs and always have 15 … Pin locks are slightly shorter and fatter than ball lock kegs. The Out(liquid)disconnect for a Cornelius or Firestone Ball Lock Keg. While this keg may look similar to the Corneilus Keg, the Sixth Barrel Keg actually holds slightly more (5.16 gallon capacity vs. 5.0 in a Corny Keg). These instructions do work for pin lock kegs also, you just have to use the gas inlet as your pressure relief valve. A Cornelius keg is built with two posts—one for gas and one for liquid. Once you have installed the ball lock conversion kit, you’ll need to prepare the gas line for attachment to the keg. This got me thinking about using a 1/4 Barrel Sanke keg for 5.5 gallon batches. Do not expect them to look like new Cornelius kegs. T hey also do not fit Firestone kegs that were originally ball lock, only kegs that were originally pin lock. Also, instead of using a ball-lock or pin-lock connection, this keg uses a traditional keg valve system that requires a coupler for dispensing. Identify Type of Keg – The Very first thing you need to identify is whether you have a Ball Lock or Pin Lock Keg, and the type of keg that it is. Identify the type of tap. Last but hardly least is the Beer Ball, a plastic number cradling 5 gallons (19 liters) in its svelte interior [source: Micromatic]. Used Cornelius Keg – Ball Lock 5 gal. The job of the quick disconnect is to attach your keg to the beer line so the flow of beer can reach the faucet. We also stock ball lock posts for those trying to migrate from pin-lock to ball lock mechanisms. Advantages of Fermenting in a Keg I think I usually turn on co2 first (I use mostly ball lock kegs, but same principle) to keep the liquid from pushing into the coupler. They need ball lock specific liquid and gas disconnects, and O-rings should be replaced periodically to prevent leaks. The stainless steel lid fastens tightly to the body and has a pull ring style pressure release valve that makes it easy to depressurize the keg. Cornelius Ball Lock Keg - Used and Pressure Tested (Single) As we know some homebrewers are pickier than others, please keep in mind these are USED kegs. Pressure-test your keg at 25 to 50 pounds per square inch (psi) before its first use. This article is geared toward ball lock kegs. How to Tap a Keg. You have the keg, you have the cups, you have a bunch of thirsty friends. I seem to be having a pretty hard time removing my ball lock quick disconnects from my corny keg stems. The Process. It is a good idea to have a spare set of replacement o-rings on hand, with some keg o-ring lubricant. This is exactly the procedure you’ll use when carbonating your beer, and you want to find any leaks before your precious homebrew enters the keg. The ball lock keg features a permanently molded rubber bottom skirt, a durable stainless steel strap handle, and easy-to-access ball lock fittings that make clean-up simple. This will allow for quick disconnects. Gaskets are replaced as needed. If you are looking for new beer kegs, please check for our availability of AMCYL or AEB kegs. Ball-lock kegs with 4 openings (gas, liquid, PRV Valve, PRV lid for filling/cleaning) – which Arishtam Sells; Please buy compatible attachments and fittings for your system. The kegs are in good shape, but could have small dings, dents or scratches. Posts are extremely high quality. It's as easy as connecting each ball lock fitting and screwing the garden hose thread to a hose or faucet. In order to connect to a hose you need a 1/4"MFL to 1/4" Barb Swivel Nut. Used 5 Gallon Ball Lock Corny Keg. The Cornelius keg, commonly called a Corny keg, is the go-to size for homebrewers. The dip tube is adjustable but I ended up cutting the tube so the Sanke keg would fit in my mini fridge. Your Cornelius keg draft beer system isn’t complete without this ball lock style quick disconnect for liquid. The keg requires ball lock attachments for both gas and beer sides. KEG420 – cleaned and checked in house. These do not fit other brands of kegs. I have only done three kegs and I just hook up my CO2 tank to the keg and use a spare Ball Lock Out Connector with no hose connected to it, then set my regulator to 20# and open up my shutoff valve. They will not fit Firestone kegs. If you've bottled a few batches of beer before, then cleaning a keg will be pretty easy. The keg requires ball lock attachments for both gas and beer sides. It is a good idea to have a spare set of replacement o-rings always on hand, with some keg o-ring lubricant. If you have ball lock kegs, you will not be able to use pin lock keg attachments on it, and vice-versa. If you have a kegerator that dispenses a commercial beer keg, with a 5/16" ID gas line and 3/16" or 1/4" ID beer line, this Kegerator Homebrew Conversion Kit includes everything you need to convert it to dispense ball lock home brew kegs. The first step is to soak the keg with a quarter scoop of OxiClean Free, or the same cleanser you use to clean your carboy, with 5 gallons of water.It should sit for about a day to make sure there is no grime holding on to the inside of the keg or the long dip tube. Ball Lock Kegs: A type of corny keg, which is slightly taller and skinnier than a pin lock keg. KEG430 – these are raw kegs – no cleaning, no rebuild, sold “as is” < This is the keg offering that’s rebuilt in this post; Rebuilt Used Corny Keg – Ball Lock 5 gal. Pressure checked and … I have a NEIPA currently fermenting in a 1/4 barrel keg. I have the white connectors on the gas in stem and the black connectors on the liquid out stem so I dont think thats the problem. I purchased the Sanke Ball Lock conversion from NorCal Brewing for the Sanke keg. Ball Lock Post Set - Cornelius Keg - NEW. 4. For more products and information visit 19L Ball Lock Keg - Premium Brand New Premium brand new Keg Land kegs rated to 130psi working pressure and are made using a robotic orbital welding machine and super-smooth welding marks, making them easier to clean. These kegs are also passivated, giving them … This corny keg has been cleaned and soaked in a hot "Straight-A" (brand name) cleaning solution, re-rinsed, lubed and re-pressurized to check the seals. This Connector has a 1/4" MFL(threaded) Connection. I let it purge for about 30 seconds, then close the valve, disconnect all fittings, open up my keg … This is a NEW set of new posts that fit Cornelius kegs. Use keg connects for beer lines. The Buoy™ will fit any ball lock or pin lock keg. The clearest beer in the keg is always at the top! The Buoy™ uses a stainless float to position the silicone dip tube just 1 inch below the surface of the beer.. Use a 5 gallon ball lock Cornelius keg with your homebrew. The Cornelius, or "corny" keg, is the basic soda canister that servers are always changing at fast-food joints. Keg Rinser - Ball Lock This simple, yet effective ball lock keg cleaning system allows you to clean your ball lock kegs thoroughly without disassembling them. The keg used for secondary shouldn’t need an airlock since it won’t generate much pressure while clearing, but you can swap out the airlock fittings if you wish. Lubricating the o-rings will help to make them last longer, but eventually, they will become brittle and have to be replaced. I use this adapter along with the Kegco BF KPCK32 Deluxe Hand Pump Pressurized Keg Beer Cleaning Kit with 32 oz Cleaner, Black to clean my beer lines, which obviously run from ball lock 5-gal corny kegs rather than Sankey fittings. There are other, more arcane vessels lurking in the margins of beer culture. Pin locks can be converted to ball locks, and vice versa. The liquid post is attached to a dip tube that goes all the way to the bottom of the keg. With either system, there are a few techniques (and concerns) which are usable only with a Corny keg. How to convert pin lock Cornelius keg to Ball lock keg. There is a “liquid diaphram” that is supposed to keep the liquid in the keg when pressure is lower in the co2 line vs keg, but it can only hold to a certain point. Pin Lock Kegs: Another type of corny keg. Ball lock posts can be removed with a standard wrench socket, pin locks require a special one. With that said some customers like the ability to use these commercial kegs but would prefer to have ball lock posts on the keg as the fittings are more compact and less expensive. These are made for Cornelius style kegs and they include new poppet valves and new o-rings for the posts (2 O-rings total). Sounds like there's more to drink and more to love! This is a re-conditioned 5 Gallon Ball Lock corny keg (pepsi style). There are two kinds of airlocks on these kegs - ball lock kegs and pin lock kegs. Widely Use: The Ball Lock Keg Fitting is for most Cornelius Keg, Pepsi Keg, and 7-UP tanks, dispense craft cocktails, soda, and other beverages from your existing keg; Normal Connect: The Ball Lock Gas Disconnect is usually connect Keg Charger, and the Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect is usually Connect Beer Faucet Adapter; The most widely use is connect Swivel Nuts and then Connect Beer Gas Line;

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